Eating while stressed:
Sometimes stress can mess up your digestive system. Here’s a few tips:
It’s very likely that the chemicals that you need to digest your food have been messed up a bit. Here’s some tips that might help: 1. Try to stick to just fruit and vegetables, prepared anyway you like but without oil. 2. Choose quiet times to eat, maybe with a little meditation first. 3. Try to make sure that there is not stressful conversation around you when you eat or are still digesting your meal. Indian people have a recipe that’s thousands of years old that works very well in helping tame a messed up digestive system. How to make ketcherie: Ingredients: 2/3 a cup of basmati rice (can do it with other rice but basmati is the best) 1/3 a cup of yelllow moong dhal Black salt (sprinkle) – regular salt is fine but himalayan pink/black salt is best 2 tablespoons of sesame heated in a fry pan (lightly toasted) and grind in a coffee grinder alternatively try macadamia powder in this and other dishes Method: Put the rice and moong dhal into a pot with water, wash the rice and dhal together (swirl the pot around, throwing out the water and replacing it until the water is clean.) Again add water until the rice and dhal is covered up to the second joint on your little finger, bring this to the boil. Then wash the water off ,add fresh water until the water covers the first joint on the little finger then bring to the boil again. When the rice is starting to steam you will see small steam holes appear on the top of the rice and dhal. Remove from heat. Leave the lid on the pot for 10 mins to allow rice to steam in it’s own heat. When cool, mix in the sesame and black salt. Note: Ketcherie is a combination of protein and starch, which is a good balance for digestive troubles. Ketcherie is a traditional Indian recipe. Washing the starch off the rice as it cooks makes the rice more fluffy and less sticky.